Halcyon News

Introducing Voice Data Entry!

You may now enter case data and other information simply by clicking a button to activate voice recognition and speaking. Recent studies have shown that voice data entry is now several times faster than typing even when any necessary spelling corrections are factored in. View our demonstration video below to see it in action!

Give us a call at 770-877-1158 to schedule a webinar of our full system, or send us a request via our contact page.
If you are already using a management system you will be amazed when you compare our feature set and pricing with your current system!

Note: After you click the video play icon please move your mouse off of the video navigation bar in order to see the bottom of the screen.

Halcyon Platinum can be run on any device using any browser; however, in order to use the voice data entry feature you currently need to use a PC or Mac and the Google Chrome browser.