Halcyon Arrangement Assistant

Halcyon Arrangement Assistant is an optional companion to Halcyon’s Funeral Home Management System. Its purpose is to provide a mobile-enabled and customizable family-friendly view for handling the arrangement process. It connects to the same database as your full FHMS so there is no need to duplicate any data entry.

In addition to collecting the necessary information about the decedent’s or preneed client’s vitals, service, and purchases, the Arrangement Assistant allows the funeral director to collaborate with families by marking information that is not available during the arrangement as “provided later”. The funeral director will be able to send the family an email with a link to a secure login for entering the information into a form. The funeral home will be notified when the information has been entered and the information can reviewed by the funeral director, edited if necessary, and then imported into the decedent’s database record – eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. Many funeral homes use this feature to facilitate 100% online arrangements.

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